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Example of financial aid Coursera, approved!

    cover example of financial aid coursera

    Hi, I am Jati and on this occasion, I want to share about what you need to write when applying for financial aid Coursera and examples of financial aid Coursera. Before I started, I assume you already know what Coursera is and already have an account. Here is an example of financial aid Coursera application for the IBM Customer Engagement Specialist Professional Certificate.

    Educational Background

    For my educational background, I chose Collage Degree

    Annual Income

    Annual income “0” because I do not have and at that time I just graduated from college.

    Employment Status

    Employment status I fill with unemployment or not yet work, because it is still fresh graduated

    How much can you afford to pay?

    How much can you afford? I fill this section with “0”

    Why are you applying for Financial Aid?

    Why do you get financial aid? In this section, I have posted tips on filing financial aid Coursera about the points that need to be conveyed while writing this. The writing is written at least 150 words. Here is an example of financial aid Coursera:

    English version

    I am a fresh graduate and don’t have any special source of income. Sadly, I totally rely on my father for now and pocket money and other monthly expenditure. My father took an education loan for my graduation expenses. In this circumstance, it is very much difficult for me to gather such an amount of money for the certificate. Financial aid will help me take this course without any adverse impact on my monthly essential needs. So, I’m badly in need of this financial aid. I cannot afford to buy the IBM Customer Engagement Specialist Professional Certificate course for $99 alongside my monthly expenses. I would be happy to get financial help. Receiving this Financial assistance will open for me a new horizon of the world of Coursera courses, which in turn will help me in the future.

    How will taking this course help you achieve your career goals?

    How will taking this course help you achieve your career goals? Write a description of at least 150 words. Here is an example of financial aid Coursera:

    English version

    I am B. Ed. of Mechatronics Engineering and like to learn new things. I want to complete the course as I found the course helpful for my path or as an open learner and also that I can also put a good CV to get applied to a job. This course will boost my job prospects in the IT field. It will help me perform better in my career as a Customer Engagement Specialist and give me an edge over my competitors. A verified certificate will attach credibility to the certificate I receive from this course. Completing this course will boost my self-confidence, knowing that I completed a very important task and took the responsibility of creating a foundation for getting me closer to my career goals. I also intend to participate in Discussion Forums, which I have found to supplement my learning immensely. I also plan to grade assignments, which are peer-reviewed, which I believe will be an invaluable learning opportunity.

    Tips for financial aid coursera submissions to be accepted

    • Answer the truth that reflects your current situation. If you can’t write more than 4 sentences, maybe you do not really need it.
    • Do not needy, try to stay ordinary with optimism.
    • Don’t beat around the bush, but to the point. Yup just it.

    That is the example of financial aid Coursera along with tips on how to answer it, to be more clear can ask in Coursera help. Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to read my blog and good luck! 🙂

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