3 steps to get financial assistance on edX, along with examples

Get financial aid to study at edX

Are you looking for new knowledge or filling your free time with useful things? Taking an online course can be the right choice. Besides being flexible and can be done online without face-to-face, online courses can also add new insights and skills that fit your interests. If you are curious, you can try considering online courses on edX.

What is edX?

Edx is a platform that organizes various online learning-based courses that invite students to learn skills that will benefit them in their personal lives and careers. EdX was founded in 2012 by several scientists from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One year after its launch, this learning platform already has more than one million users.


edX is not low-grade to Coursera or any other platform. edX also provides a wide selection of programs from well-known campuses such as MIT, Harvard, Boston University, and many more. The programs also range from exclusive education, online master’s degree offerings, and online bachelor’s degrees to short courses.

Why should you take a course on edX?

Some of the reasons I suggest you learn on the edX platform are its simple interface, well-known and credible institutions that host the material, and it offers several free courses. The features provided are also diverse, which helps support learning. The choice of course categories is also very diverse, ranging from computer science to philosophy.

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Are the courses on edX free?

So when you study at edX, you will be faced with two options: the audit path and the verified path. The audit path is a path that you can choose when you want to take a course for free to audit the course, but there is a specific time limit, and does not have access to assessments and assignments. Some learning, such as Bootcamp and Executive Education courses, do not offer an audit path.

As a free audit learner, you will have temporary access to the course materials except for the graded assignments, and you will not get a certificate at the end of the course.


Then how is it different from the verified path? If the verified path is a paid path that allows you to receive all the perks, including verified assessments and certificates, if you get a passing score before the course ends. The costs also vary greatly, ranging from 50 dollars – 499 dollars.

You can see the differences as outlined in the following table:

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More clearly, you can see the comparison in the following table:

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source: https://support.edx.org/

Then the question arises what if we want to access the course and get a certificate but have no cost? Well, on edX, you can apply for financial assistance. The method is relatively easy because you only need to write a financial assistance application according to yourself.

How do I apply for an edX scholarship or financial assistance?

  1. Sign up for the course you want.
  2. Complete the Financial Assistance application( financial assistance).
  3. Wait for the application decision.

Before I go into more detail on how to apply for it, remember that edX offers financial aid with up to a 90% discount on our verified certificates to learners who can’t afford the total price. So if you apply for financial assistance and are approved, you will pay the rest only, 10%.

Suppose you choose a course with a price of $100, then you can pay $10 if you submit a financial aid application and it is approved. This assistance is available in most courses that offer verified certificates. However, some courses and programs are not eligible.

You can be approved up to five times in twelve months for financial aid.

Step 1. Enroll in the course you want in edX.org

To apply for financial aid in one course, enroll in the course as an audit learner and then complete the application for financial assistance.

To apply for financial aid in the MicroMasters, MicroBachelors, XSeries, or Professional Certificate Program, you must enroll as an audit learner in each course in the program and then complete an application. To enroll in financial assistance for the program you choose, you can only register per course, so you can’t apply for financial aid for a one-course package at a time.

Okay, I suppose I took a course, CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

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then, after you have successfully registered, you will be redirected to the course page as an audit student.

Step 2. Complete the Financial Aid application

You can complete the application at this link: https://courses.edx.org/financial-assistance/.

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1. Choose the course you want to apply for financial aid. Here I chose CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science.

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2. Confirm your annual household income range. Please choose according to your annual household income. In my case, I prefer less than $5000


3. Write three different essays of at least 1250 characters (about 200-300 words)

you can see an example for reference here.

4. Finally, if you have already completed the application, click submit application.

Step 3: Wait for the application decision.

Once you submit your application, the team will review the application in about 4-5 days.

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If your application is accepted, you will receive an email with a coupon code for 90% off. You can apply the code on the payment form for the discounted rate.

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You will also receive an email reply if your application is not accepted.

If you need help or have any questions that I can help with, please drop your comment below.


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