3 recommended TV series and other things to do in the summer at home

TV series


Whether you’re looking for a distraction from your routine or just spending more time at home, you can try watching this TV series.


Most of the conversations and meetings lately are about COVID-19 and how we deal with it. some people choose to spend time at home for safety reasons, rather than leaving the house wearing masks or hand sanitizers. I’m one of them.


I always love talking about good TV series and hearing what other people do, because I usually look for recommendations


So, in addition to the 3 TV series reviews I’ve watched, I’ve also included several other recommendations. I hope you find one that interests you.


Recommended TV Series 2020 I


Prison Break 16+


Prison break - tv series


The television series tells the story of a character named Michael Schofield trying to save his older brother (Lincoln Burrow) from the death penalty. Michael’s character is very well portrayed here. He is described as a genius, calculating figure and always looks amazing in action.


In his rescue efforts, Michael did not have much time because the execution-only waited another 1 month. Then he carried out the stunt by trying to break into Fox River prison, where his brother was being held.


Through this series, we are invited to think and analyze what will happen next, because indeed this series is difficult to guess. It’s also not just an action series or a lot of drama. But there’s an element of science and rationality, so I thought maybe you’d like it.


Spartacus 18+




If you’re a fan of colossal themed TV series, maybe Spartacus can be a good recommendation. Spartacus was a Thracian army captured by the Roman Empire and bought by Batiatus as a slave to further be trained as a Gladiator. The series is themed on the Roman Empire of old. Through Spartacus, you will be shown another point of view of the Roman Empire. Unlike Julius Caesar, Marcus Crassus is already famous, but in the series, it is more of a side of Spartacus who is portrayed as a hero against the Roman commander in the slave liberation effort.


Historically known as the leader of the third slave war against the Romans

Spartacus’s struggle, often seen as the struggle of the oppressed who fought for their freedom against the slave-owning aristocracy, has found a new meaning for modern writers since the ke-19-Wikipedia.org


Through this series, you will be brought to the situation and atmosphere of the city of Rome and the state of Rome at that time even though the kingdom of Rome was centuries ago. Keep in mind that this pickle has a rating of 18+ meaning it’s only for adults because there are some inappropriate scenes. Overall the series is worth watching to do the summer


Outlander 18+




Outlander is an American-British television drama television series based on the history of time travel, from the outlander series written by Diana Gabaldon and developed by Ronald D. Moore.


This is my favorite TV series so far. Through this television show, I learned a lot about the history and culture of the American colonies, the history of Scotland, France, and England. Most of the story is set in the 1700s colonialism. The atmosphere presented looks like you were in those days, very realistic and accurate in my opinion.


If you are a time traveler movie lover, maybe this series can be a good recommendation. The series follows a girl named Claire the nurse of the 1945 World War II exploring time through the Standing Stone at Craigh na Dun in Inverness, Scotland. And waking up in the 1700s or going back 200 years. It was the time of Charles Edward Stuart’s rebellion. There’s a lot of interesting events in this series, then I’m a spoiler.


Other things you might like


Bloodshot 16+




This is one of the movies played by Vin Diesel. The film Bloodshot follows Ray Garrison and his wife who are murdered by a mysterious man. Marine Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) is revived by a team of scientists initiated by Dr. Emil Harting (Guy Pearce). His body is enhanced with nanotechnology, he becomes a superhuman and has incredible new abilities. Now he’s a biotech killing machine called Bloodshot.


The film uses stunning CGI effects and easy-to-digest storylines. Suitable for action movie connoisseurs.


I’ve made a list of series and movies for you on Likewise. Thank you for reading, don’t forget to let me know your recommendation in the comments below.


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