What are you doing on the weekend?

These are some activities I did this weekend

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Weekends are the time (usually) most people look forward to after a weekday, even though some work on weekends. However, this only applies if you have free time on the weekend.

There are many exciting activities that you can do on weekends, be it with family, friends, or even alone. and these are some activities I did this weekend

  1. Create a to-do list

I don’t like it when things look messy, even if the little things frustrate me easily. Therefore, I need to make a to-do list for the next week. To make it, I do not normally write with a single. I used to find references to what others do because sometimes it can be an inspiration to me, and even though, in the end, I will adjust my abilities.

By making a to-do list, I can understand myself, like what I did last week, whether all the things I wanted to do didn’t happen or even all missed. That way, I can evaluate myself.

I also include activities like wanting to do something that’s not my concern, like helping a friend’s job or someone else’s. The point is to make time to do something for someone else.

  1. Read books

This weekend I’m going to fill the time by reading a book. I still have some unfinished books I’ve read, like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. and some reading lists on Quora that I’ve saved (bookmarks) for me to read this weekend. I’d rather read quora than a random tweet on Twitter or news on Facebook. It’s not worth it, but if I want to read the news, usually from the suara, tempo.cokumparan, detik.

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  1. Tidying room

Usually, I’m too lazy for this thing, even though it looks trivial, but it can improve my mood. And if you are too busy with daily activities, it will make the room unkempt.

Well, instead of spending time on weekends just lazing around, there’s nothing wrong with moving your body and cleaning the room.

  1. Sports

I’m the type to be lazy to exercise, because every time I go out, I always use a motorbike, even if it’s less than 1 km. But I believe that exercise is a fun activity; besides, it can make the body healthier and make me feel happier. Since I’m only in the flat this weekend, I plan to walk whenever I go out. My body is old enough to be lazy.

I usually use the Google Fit application and the Mi Fit smartwatch to monitor activities. I am obsessed with seeing graphs and things that are measurable. So I will know the progress.

  1. Writing

These past few months, I’ve become fond of writing, whether it’s useful or whatever’s in my head. I believe that writing is one of the fun activities you can do on weekends. Writing can also be a way to overflow the heart that may not be expressable. Or it can also foster creativity. I poured out a hobby of writing through this blog and writing answers to some questions on Quora. At least I can help someone else.

  1. Learn a foreign language

Learning a foreign language is very challenging for me. I’m still deepening my English and trying to learn another language like Russian. Living in the 21st century will not be cool if one does not understand English. Many benefits if we understand a foreign language, such as speaking with native speakers, reading a foreign language book, or helping if we travel to another country.

For English, I have a teacher from America, and she’s a native speaker. Indirectly I learned an English American accent. I used to like British accents because they looked cool, but once I knew what an American accent was like, I immediately thought that, yeah.. this is an accent that suits me, Americans like to combine words, so it looks succinct and seems lazy, really my type 😀

This week I learned the Common phrase in American or a common phrase in English American. I learned from youtube Linguamarina. But after I confirmed with my American teacher, she said that not everything I could say. Because some phrases might have been popular 10 years ago, it looks a little strange if spoken now. Thank my teacher <3

Russian language I learned from the book “Practical Russian in 1 Week” by Laura Gracefull. I also have friends from Russia who help me learn Russian. Sometimes we read dialogue from books directly and voice messages so I can listen repeatedly. Learning Russian is also not easy, and there are challenges. There are some challenges, according to RBTH.

I think having teachers from native speakers is necessary because this book is also written by Indonesians. Although it is very good for Indonesians and native speakers to know better what is more natural.

So that’s all I did on weekends during the week, nothing special. What about you, what are you doing on the weekend?

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