The charm of Bugel Beach, Kulon Progo

bugel beach

Maybe many tourists don’t know about this beach, so why don’t you try to visit to enjoy the beauty of the beach, or just enjoy the weekend.

Bugel Beach Information

Bugel Beach is located in Gumuk waru, Bugel, Panjatan District, Kulon Progo. Or about 15 minutes from downtown Kulon Progo. This beach is unlike other beaches in Kulon progo such as Trisik beach or even Glagah beach which is already crowded with visitors and a lot of information on the internet.

To access Bugel Beach, you don’t need to spend a coin because entering this beach is not subject to an entrance fee, you only need to pay for parking of IDR 2,500 for motorbikes and IDR 5,000 for cars or four wheels.

The beach is still beautiful and there are not many tourists outside the city who visit. maybe because there is not much information to be found on the internet or lack of tourism promotion by local managers. because this beach actually has potential that can be developed.

Best time to visit

Sunrise and sunset are favorite times to visit. I often visit sunrise time to see the sunrise and morning run along the beach, also to feel the coolness of the sea breeze.

Or maybe you choose the afternoon time to enjoy the afternoon atmosphere on the beach and feel the tranquility. Sometimes the waves are big enough so it is necessary to be careful if with family.

beach bugel

What you might need

If you visit here you don’t have to worry about the facilities being laughed at. Because this beach already provides quite facilities such as spacious parking, toilet, prayer room, lodging, bathroom, and dining. To use the shower and urination facilities are charged IDR 2.000,- and IDR 1.000,- only for foot washing.

If you visit here on Sunday morning you will be served with many fishing boats, porridge chicken swords, and other merchants.

Need improvement

There’s one thing that makes me a little uncomfortable on Bugel beach is that there’s a lot of rubbish strewn around there. Tree branches, plastic waste, used bottles, and other household waste that is either innate from the river or visitors who litter, yes even though not all of them.

I wish there was now some sort of local government program that has a mission to keep the beach clean and visitors who care about the environment. Because however, we must maintain the sustainability and cleanliness of the environment itself.

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